Keywords in Modernity Podcast

Keywords in Modernity is an experimental podcast program, consisting of three episodes to date, developed by the Potomac Center for the Study of Modernity. Intended to complement and augment the Center’s academic symposia, which regularly bring together scholars from different disciplines to build a robust conversation across history, the humanities, and the social sciences, each episode of Keywords in Modernity features the voices of several scholars discussing the history and meaning of a single keyword.

The podcast episodes are designed especially for faculty members, researchers, and university students who may be interested in exploring the specific terminologies and dimensions of modernism and the contemporary state of scholarship across academic fields. The podcast’s title and concept are loosely based on Raymond Williams’s classic 1976 text, Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society.


Episode 1:  Modernity

Episode 2:  Sovereignty

Speakers in Episodes 1 and 2

Elisabeth Anker
Associate Professor, American Studies and Political Science
George Washington University


Theo Christov
Associate Professor, Honors, History, and International Affairs
George Washington University


Patchen Markell
Associate Professor, Political Science
University of Chicago


Mick Smith
Professor and Queen’s National Scholar, School of Environmental Studies
Queen’s University




Episode 3:  Race

Speakers in Episode 3

Renée Ater
Associate Professor, Art History
University of Maryland


Sylvia Chong
Associate Professor, English and American Studies
University of Virginia


Thomas Guglielmo
Associate Professor, American Studies
George Washington University